With Rebecca Boatman & Extraordinary Love Coach Chelsea Rose
Are you ready to discover the secret sauce to becoming & feeling truly magnetic?
2022 is your year!
It is a fresh start. 

Fresh love. Fresh path. Fresh you.

Let this new year be the year that you...
>> Dissolve any barriers to love
>> Let it be easy
>> Drop the dating struggles
>> Stop putting your heart last
 >> Drop dating disappointment & discover how to attract a quality man who shows up for you
>> Dissolve any armor that keeps love out or makes it "hard" & "forced"
>> Feel on top of the world and absolutely magnetic and free
>> Effortlessly attract a strong unwavering, committed & loving partner
>> Rely on spirit, intuition and deep self-trust
>> Receive support from powerful loving women

IF you are ready for all the above...

Then the extraordinary love coach Chelsea Rose & I, would be honored to guide you in our 2022 upcoming 3-week immersive program + virtual brave challenge weekend called Timeline hop into True Love :) 

Meet Chelsea Rose!
My co-host in practically everything I launch because she is an extremely talented love coach.
Chelsea is a gifted, loving, patient and powerful coach. You will love her.
It is an honor to lead this program with her.
I only bring you the best :)

Chelsea & her loving husband Greg. :)
I adore them, so much.


“He makes me laugh, he appreciates the things about me that I appreciate about myself, he’s growth oriented and smart and sensitive and also really hot. Our physical chemistry is really great, but there is also a spiritual/ energetic element to it that I can’t even describe. It is really hard to imagine being with anyone else, and at the same time, it is so much better than anything that I could have imagined …. This whole experience has taught me to really believe in magic and manifesting.”

Your desire to be in a loving, expansive, fun, safe and adventurous partnership is orbiting in your field for a reason…

It is a living timeline that exists in the field and your consciousness is picking up on it.

The question now is…

Are you going to become the woman who is a match for this timeline?
Are you going to unfold into the woman who holds the template to give & receive deep true love?
Are you willing to let it be easy?
Are you willing to believe that I am talking to you?
You are reading this for a reason.
It is possible for you.

The first step is right here.
Right now. 
In this program.
Your future self is thanking you & cheering you on! :)
Inside this program we will...
Week 1 of January 
>> Shed the old identity that is keeping you in any limiting loops such as, men who don’t show up or men who aren’t ready for what you want etc. 
>> Shed energetic weight that is holding you like glue to old timelines of settling and unworthiness
>> Shed relationship old bonds that hold you back and down
($997 VALUE)
Week 2 of January Training
>> Uncover the partner type that is best for YOU 
>> Get crystal clear on your values & dealbreakers 
>> Set & declare a potent and magnetic love intention
($997 VALUE)
Week 3 of January
>> Anchor into the woman who is approachable, available open & ready for love
>> Unlock your irresistible natural feminine energy

($997 VALUE)
2-Day Virtual Challenge Weekend
This challenge weekend is very special & is what makes our program, one-of-a-kind
This piece is all about application. Applying everything that you learned, so that your body absorbs the new information and enters into the new timeline of possibility.
>> You will complete a customized out in the world challenge to become the woman who is irresistible to your dream partner  
>> Face off and melt any fears of rejection or inadequacy so you own your worth and confidently attract the man you dream of
>> Own your power, take up space, feel confident and beautiful
($2997 VALUE)

PRICE $1111
2022 is your year!
We are more powerful together :) 

Love your co-hosts,
Rebecca Boatman & Extraordinary Love Coach Chelsea Rose

“Rebecca’s teachings helped me create a relationship with the man of my dreams! He is handsome, thoughtful, funny, caring, playful, attentive, appreciative and generous. I feel loved, cherished, appreciated, valued and valuable. After working with her, I feel loved, happy, secure and confident! When Rebecca had me imagine the positive things I wanted for myself and my relationship, I quit projecting the negative I expected and became open to the positive possibilities that I wanted which brought me health, happiness, and joy! If you want to thrive and experience your hopes and heart’s desires, then I whole heartedly recommend Rebecca’s coaching.”

Hear what it’s like to work with Rebecca

When do we begin?
The first week of January.
All class details + day and times will be inside your ticket purchase email
Are there recordings if I miss a class?
What is the program structure? 
Each week you will have a 90-minute masterclass covering that weeks theme, followed with homework and partner work!
At the end of the 3 weeks you will have a full 2-day virtual event! :)
Will both Rebecca and Chelsea be at & lead all the classes?
For additional questions you can email: Support@thebravelady.com